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Today I give you my hand and my heart. Forever your number one fan.”

There’s no other way to say it. Bernie and Peter are rockstars! They brought so much energy to their wedding day that I couldn’t help but bring the same to their wedding film. A rock and roll wedding for a rockstar couple! Their entourage was a collection of Limerick rockers, comrades from Peter’s days as a musician. I know how important this music is to this alternative couple who love the Limerick gig scene, so when I was choosing music for their film it was a no-brainer what I would land on! We had so much fun jumping over crevasses with Ciara from Tilted Tripods, on a blisteringly hot June day in the Burren, West Clare.

Bernie and Peter decided to have their first look before the ceremony out in the wilds of Fanore in order to get some of the photos out of the way. They wanted to maximise their fun with their guests for the day, and they did just that! But not before smoke-bombs were ignited as a signal of the celebrations ahead. We searched out some holes in the karst landscape to capture some intimate portraits of Bernie and Peter who gave off the impression they were well used to the paps! Their love and connection positively bursting through the imagery.

It’s such a special experience when your couple trusts you to capture beautiful imagery with them, the results can be absolutely magical. Bernie and Peter could see our excitement when Ciara and I saw the light changing in the evening time. We had to get back out there! Bernie and Peter were keen so we stole them away from the party for an incredible sunset portrait session, just down the road from Doolin Hotel. Always up for anything, we had Bernie clambering up into Peter’s arms as we made the most of the fading light over Crab Island. Even as the light faded the sky was breathtaking as we were treated to a coral sky, Bernie and Peter’s silhouttes the only contrast to the vibrancy on the Atlantic horizon. With the evening light closing in we brought the glowing couple back to the party. Back to the sparklers, the wild dancing and the memories, that no doubt live long.


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The Sapling Package

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Venue: Hotel Doolin

Photography: Tilted Tripod Photography