Elopement Questionnaire
Will your ceremony be indoors or outdoors?
Are you writing your own vows?
Do you want to do a first look, will you be giving each other presents? etc.
Readings from important guests, music that you want to be recorded, an special flower girl maybe...
We recommend listing music, pictures, & video links to other weddings or music videos or movies that represent you & what you hope for your wedding film.
Music is absolutely paramount to the creation of your wedding story. Please fill this section in with your guilty pleasures, favourite tunes and genres you love to help us pick music that will help us tell your story. If a certain passage of poetry speaks to you this can also add so much to your wedding film.
This sections is all about you. At Ard Ri we love to personalise your wedding film. If you are writing your own vows, reciting poetry we would love to sculpt your wedding film around these emotional narratives. Let us know if you would like to explore this aspect and collaborate together on your wedding film for some cinematic magic!
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