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Your gentle demeaner, caring touch in all you do, and simple joy for life and living make you the epitome of our beautiful home.”

This elopement was magic from start to finish and every time Rachel and Craig caught a glance from each other there was electricity. When Rachel first got in touch with me to shoot her elopement I could tell she had high hopes for her intimate wedding celebration with Craig at Cahernane House in Killarney. A photographer herself, we bounced some ideas off one another to build a narrative around their love story. I asked them both to write letters that they could read for to each other and we could build their love story around this in their film. Being that it was just the two of them and two of us at this intimate elopement we had plenty time to capture these gorgeous expressions of love.

Rachel’s flowers were a rusting of Autumn and her dress a beautiful vintage thrift store score! Their grace and poise together hinting at the deep and honest connection of two star-crossed lovers.

Rachel and Craig exchanged their vows in the presence of the McGillicuddy’s Reeks, resplendant in their Autumnal glory. The mountains only overshadowed by Rachel & Craig.

We strolled through the Killarney national park, taking in the beautiful colours as the trees began to burn into Autumn. Finding quiet corners everywhere to capture beautiful imagery of this natural couple. We could have filmed and photographed them all day! Finally, arriving at one of the most famous views on The Ring of Kerry, Lady’s View provided an epic finale to one of my favourite elopements. This one still gives me goose bumps!

Package Details

Rowan Elopement Package


Venue: Cahernane House

Photography: Sean & Kate