At Ard Ri we understand the importance of film as a medium for capturing those powerful, but fleeting moments of love, of joy and of human connection with family and friends. We’re also mad for a good love story and we’re super passionate about telling them!

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We love what we do. The buzz on a wedding day is unlike anything else. It’s such a privilege for us to share these moments with you in telling your love story through our films.

We believe that the story of your wedding day should be told differently from the average wedding video. Our passion is to create bespoke and resonating cinematic experiences that light the fire of reverie, as you are transported back to your wedding day every-time you watch your film.

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We only book a small amount of weddings each year to ensure that we are creating the best films possible. Below is our contact form, please fill it out with as much detail about you and your plans for the big day as possible. This is to guarantee that the style and approach we have for your wedding is everything you could hope for, for your wedding film.